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Meet the face

My name is Kristian, and I am a young professional with a thirst for knowledge and zeal for spreading it to others. Evidenced by my academic background in Mass Communication, African American Studies, and Journalism, I have always had a passion for provoking meaningful discourse through writing. This is what led me to launch The Kultured Queen in 2017.

"Through self-reflection, I seek to inspire education, love, advancement, unity, and change in my community by 

opening dialogue in a safe space for others like me—those who are Black, hard-working, a

nd trying to make it by any means necessary. Shout out to Malcolm"

The Kultured Queen was created to highlight elements of the Black Millennial experience through my own eyes, while contributing a fresh perspective on broad themes related to Black life in America. But don’t worry, I talk about lots of entertaining subjects, too. Covering topics spanning from the comical to the complex, I will continue using my voice to fuel the change I want to see. Thank you for visiting, and please enjoy!




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