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The Underrated Art of Contentment

We can all agree that life often feels like an uphill battle, but sometimes you experience those days where everything feels right. Today was one of them for me.

A seemingly routine part of my new job has put me in a state of deep reflection. When I look back over the past 7 months, I am amazed at God's goodness; His ability to restore and transform. I'm amazed at the transformation that has taken place in my life in such a short time; one that could only be possible with Big G* in the drivers seat and my willingness to sit back for the ride. For several years, I felt so frustrated, under-utilized, and professionally stagnant. My content reflected it. It stood out between the lines of my writings, plain as day. Even the more positive pieces still had an undertone of sadness and longing. I realize now that I was chasing glimpses of joy in the midst of misery, and trying fake it until I made it.

Let me tell you something: There is no greater joy than knowing that you have been placed exactly where you need to be at the exact right time.

The past few months have awakened something new; genuine happiness, contentment, and PEACE that is unmatched. Let me tell you something: there is no greater joy than knowing that you have been placed exactly where you need to be at the exact right time. I spent over two years at my lowest, and in a quarter of that time, I have come to rediscover the joy that only comes from being aligned with your passion and purpose, and letting them lead in everything that you do. After two years of trying to change my career, I finally get paid to talk to people and write their stories. I get to use my words to build others up, show them in their greatness, and portray them in their best, most beautiful light. I get to connect things that are seemingly unconnected, with equity and ethics as my guide, and make those images matter to people who've never thought much about them before. It sounds small, but it's big to me. To finally have the emotional security to admit that I am, indeed, a Creative, and to honor that part of me professionally after running from it for so long…

I'm a writer, but words escape me when I try to describe how good this season of my life feels. I thank God for removing me from spaces that stifled my mission in this world. I am grateful for the small steps that seem meaningless at first, until we discover that they're building blocks for the path and catapult toward big leaps. I am grateful for the torch bearers who redirect our attention back to our calling when we get distracted, and awaken in us the urge to try something new; to face our fears; to do the work of self.

I dedicate this post to the torchbearers in my life. And I hope that you, My Beloved Reader, are inspired to keep moving forward in this journey. Nobody said it would be easy, but the wins are so worth it. And in the words of the amazing person I interviewed today, "Each day is a new opportunity to try again. To do better. To correct wrongs and get it right." While eloquence is usually my essence, I'll close with this gem from Big Glo, who summed it up the best: "Everyday the sun won't shine, but that's why I love tomorrow."

Author's Note: I'm not trying to sound preachy or condemn anyone else's beliefs, but its all love, glory, and honor to God (Big G ,no little G) over here! *in my Madea voice* "Because when I think about the goodness of God and all that he has dooooooonnnnNe, FOR ME…"

PS: Yes, I love God and Glorilla...#Balance #JudgeYaMama #StayKultured



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