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Writing Challenge, Day 7: Favorite Villain

Day 7: Who is your favorite villain?

This is easy. My favorite villain is Maleficent, hands down.

Why? Because she played NO games. She had that same energy in the forest and in the King’s court. The love of her life stabbed her in the back (literally) and she rolled up uninvited to his baby’s public celebration like Cardi B in her Love & Hip Hop days:


What I like about Maleficent the most is that she is a complex character. When she was first introduced in the 1950s, she was just a singular evil villain. But her character development in the 2014 film showed that she was someone scorned, and was reacting to the pain inflicted upon her. She was humanized and became somewhat relatable; we’ve all been through something like that to some degree. Lastly, I like Maleficent because she evolves in the end. She comes full circle from scorn, to vengeance, to forgiveness. And the person she sought to hurt becomes someone with which she shares a mutual, loving, and protective bond. It’s very Disneyesque, but I still like it. #StayKultured



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