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My Vice-President Looks Like Me: Inauguration Day 2021}}}}

Garth Brooks, I’mma let you finish, but I had to let this out while my emotional self sits here watching this coverage. My sentiments on this historic day are ripped straight from the groupchat with my girlfriends:

“It is such a beautiful day. The ancestors are smiling down on us; especially those whose blood, sweat, and tears are immortalized in the roads and buildings of the nation’s capital. Their weary moans have turned into a joyous chorus.

Our Founders of DST, along with the founders of AKA, are smiling from the heavens in unity…Because a Black woman from their beloved Howard University is the first woman, Black American, and South Asian American to hold the second highest office in this tumultuous land.

They always say that we can’t, and we keep showing them that we can.

I am so extremely proud to be a Black woman today.”

Congratulations to Madame Vice-President Kamala Harris:

The FIRST female, Black, and Asian-American Vice President in American History.

Howard Graduate.

Woman of AKA.

My sister in Greek Unity.

God bless you, and God keep you.

We love you, Queen.

Stay vigilant. Stay Black. #StayKultured



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