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Welcome to The Kultured Queen!

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”— Coco Chanel

Hello, and welcome to The Kultured Queen! Whether you were intrigued by a social media post, came as a supportive friend/relative, or even clicked a wrong link, I love and appreciate you all the same for the time you’ve taken to see what I have to say.

This blog is something that I have wanted to launch for a long time, and for several reasons:

First, God gave me a voice, a way with words, and a very active, analytical brain. I need a place where I can talk about whatever I want, HOW EVER I want, without my voice being altered, reduced, or stifled by someone else. I want to share my take on things—whether it be life, dating, politics, fitness, my passions, struggles, or society at large—with complete agency. I believe that God places certain things on our hearts for a reason; the fact that The Kultured Queen never left me, even when I felt the least confident about its potential, proved that this is something worth starting. So, nearly one year after the concept first popped in my head, here we are.

Second, I am an educated, outspoken, and unapologetic young Black woman, blossoming at a time in which we still have to say that “Black Lives Matter!”to the selectively deaf and Donald Trump has won a whole presidency. What a time to be alive… It gets stressful trying to navigate through the harsh realities we face, and I wanted to have a space to talk about social/racial/personal issues, triumphs, and challenges, through my own eyes. I realized that the specific environment I sought didn’t exist, so here I am creating it.

Third, I am in a place in my life in which I want—no, I NEED—to speak my truth. I believe that openly discussing our experiences and gained perspective, is beneficial for the collective whole. I know that I am not the only recent college-grad struggling to find my footing in the world. Adding blackness to that is a blessing, but also brings about a whole other layer of challenges. The beauty of Black culture is the shared experiences we have across geographical lines; there are so many other Kultured Queens (and Kings) out there who I hope will benefit from, or just enjoy, my honesty about what I’m seeing and learning. This blog isn’t just about me; it is about all of you, too.

“Okay, that’s great, but what now?”

At least once a week, you can expect to see a post about whatever is on my mind at the time. Depending on what’s going on in the world, my life, and pop culture, there will likely be more than one in some weeks. I’ll cover heavy subjects on some occasions, but I’ll also be bringing plenty of positive vibes, too. Regardless of the topic, know that I plan to always keep it 100% real.

And while on the subject of keeping it real, there are two things I should admit before moving forward:

  1. Nothing that I say through this outlet is ever intended to harm anyone. Ever. Just because I may pull from personal experiences, does not mean that I am taking personal shots at anyone. My honest and straightforward nature may ruffle feathers at times, but I’ll never use my platform to intentionally defame someone else. That’s not what I’m about.

  2. Family members in the back, come to the alter, this is for you. I may cuss occasionally. No need to be startled; we’re all grown (and quite frankly, I learned from the best). I usually refrain from swearing in print, but here’s a fair warning for those rare occasions that it may come up. (By the way, did you know that research has actually suggested a positive correlation between swearing and intelligence? Well, now you do.)

At the end of the day, I’m just excited to see what ground we will cover together from this point on. Even more, I truly appreciate you for coming along for the ride. Here’s to sharing truth and authenticity for the culture!

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