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Writing Challenge, Day 14: Letter to My Future Self

Dear Kristian,

Let me start by saying that I am so proud of the woman you have become. All that grinding and those sleepless nights have truly paid off. After a slow start, your blog took off and has been a huge success for years now. You finally relocated out of Louisville and discovered the epitome of living your best life. You’ve kept people around you who surround you with authentic love, unfiltered advice, and relentless support. You’re building a life and family with that amazing man who is everything you prayed for. You got to fulfill your dream of writing a best-seller. Countless people have stopped you to say how much your book has helped them to improve their own lives. Little do they know, writing it for them was also a method of healing for you.

You are happy, established, financially stable in ways you never imagined, living comfortably, and enjoying the fruits of your labor. And you’re still working! Except now, you have the means to have a say in everything that you do. You choose to do what you love and love what you do to the point that it doesn’t even feel like work anymore.

You started that business and now get to witness the joy in all the students’ lives that you touch. Your writing has been featured in multiple journals and magazines. You’ve met people whose lives you used to dream about. You finally defined what you wanted to do with your life and you went for it. You got organized. You got healthy. You finally mastered maximizing your time. You got to fulfill your goal of sowing into your brothers’ college funds and helping your parents out. You’re in the process of travelling the world. Girl, you are soooooooooooo blessed.

As you continue to crush goals and set new ones, always remember to stay humble. Continue to be kind. When you get tired, rest. When you feel weak, seek whatever is needed to regain your strength. Do the things that make sense to you, and steer away from the things that don’t. Follow your gut. Follow your heart. Follow God’s lead. Don’t limit yourself, and don’t allow others to limit you either. Don’t get lazy; stay hungry for success. Don’t forget where you came from. Stay committed to making an impact with every step you make. Continue helping others as you level up. And keep building that generational wealth for the babies. Continue to never give up.

You’re killing the game, girl! Keep shining!


Yourself, 2018

P.s. Go renew your passport, sis; you’re running out of pages.

Stay Kultured, Queen 🙂



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