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Writing Challenge, Day 19: My Favorite Song

My favorite song changes all the time to be honest lol. It really depends on what mood I’m in. But, at the moment, the song I’m feeling the most is probably “Smile” by Lil’ Duval. That song just makes me feel good, all day every day. I crank it up high as I get ready for work on the mornings I’d rather sleep in. I listen to it while fighting morning rush hour traffic. And I BOP every time! I’m talking full out, shoulders rolling, body bouncing, full-auntie bopping. It gets me all the way together.

Why? For one thing because it has that good, old school R&B beat that just makes you want to dance. But I also love it because it aligns with my inner mantra of not allowing anyone or anything to steal my joy. On tough days, it reminds me to keep on pushing with a smile because I’m too blessed to give unnecessary energy to other people’s foolery. The end.

Stay in your lane. Smile. Stay Kultured.



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