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Writing Challenge, Day 20: Loving Me

Day 20: What do you love the most about yourself?

Before I answer, let me just acknowledge that, yes, I have fallen off horribly with finishing the 30 Day Writing Challenge lol. Please accept my sincerest apologies. Between the holidays, my birthday (Hello, 24!), prepping for and then taking a Christmas vacation, I ended up putting this on the back burner for much longer than I expected. However, in the spirit of self-improvement and doing a better job of finishing what I start, here we are. I am determined to complete the challenge no matter how long it takes, or how extended my 30 days may be. Thanks for being patient with me and continuing to read along. Without further ado, here is my response for Day 20.

Of all the aspects of myself that I could choose, I love my mind and my heart the most.

It’s probably become pretty obvious by now, but my mind and my heart often overlap. I feel what I think, and I think very intently about what and how I feel on various subjects. My heart and mind combine to create the intense passion constantly running through my veins, and I honestly wear that passion on my sleeve. It’s with me every time I discuss my opinion on issues. It’s there when I stand up for injustice. It’s present when I love, stand up for, and confer with those closest to me. It’s present as I think of the future, and plan mine. My heart and mind fuel the passion that is a part of me every second of every day. They also afford me great wit and skills with the pen.

Most of all, I love and feel grateful for my mind and heart because they collectively breathe life into my spirit. They’re the most active parts of who I am and stand present in all that I do. Without them, I am nothing.

As we go into the new year, let’s all try to focus more attention on loving ourselves, and less on tearing ourselves apart.

Happy New Year. Stay Kultured.


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