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Writing Challenge, Day 6: Favorite Superhero

Day 6: Who is your favorite superhero?

Ah, interesting. So fun fact about me, I’m not a huge superhero stan. I mean I’ve seen a few Avengers movies, The Justice League, some clips of X-man movies, and the evolution of Spiderman thanks to my cousin and youngest sibling, but I’ve never been one to go out of my way to keep up with the superhero universe. Plus, the only comics I’ve read are the ones that used to appear in the now ancient “Disney Adventures” magazine. So when it comes to answering this question, just know there is very little expertise behind it.

With that being said, I’d have to say that my favorite superhero is currently King T’Challa of Wakanda, a.k.a. The Black Panther.

Say what you may about the movie, but I’m here for the all the blackity-black-blackness of the Wakandan king coming for folks’ heads in his vibranium catsuit. I’m here for everything The Black Panther represents symbolically in the comic universe and now in film. I especially love and appreciate that he counters many of the negative stereotypes assigned to Black men across the diaspora; he is a strategic, educated, kind-hearted, passionate, humane, ever-evolving, and arguably feminist leader. He is not hyper-masculine, hyper-violent, or hyper-sexual. Nor is he threatened by the presence of equally educated, powerful women. Instead, he does not hesitate to turn to the women around him for support, counsel, and strength. Plus, let’s be honest I’m also here for any character portrayal that can make Chadwick Boseman look fine. Because, my God….Whew!

So yeah, my favorite superhero is The Black Panther because he’s lit and his Blackness is a plus. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

Stay Kultured.



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